Giulini Wever

“It’s all about empowering and transforming lives from the inside and out. Giulini was raised in a martial arts home where she started training at the age of 4 with her father, Grand Master Dr. Andy Wever, a certified 8th Degree Black Belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. Obtaining her first black belt at the age of 9, Giulini now holds a 3rd degree black belt as a Sr. Instructor in Tae-Kwon-Do. In addition to Tae-won-do she also studied karate, kickboxing and boxing. She is also a lifelong avid swimmer and volleyball player. Currently she also holds a certification in GIFT, as an Applied Functional Movement Specialist. Coupling a passion for fitness instilled in her early years along with a chance meeting with Justin Gelband, known for training “The Victoria Secret Angels,” and Giulini was soon teaching fitness under Justin’s mentorship. Giulini Wever now stands behind the bodies of many high profile clients and her training method has been so effective at producing life-changing results that it has become a huge phenomenon in the fitness industry.


  • Functional movements performed in 3 dimensional planes of motion
  • Focusing on integrated muscle systems rather than isolated muscles
  • An emphasis on alignment and breathing
  • Developing a strong core to improve coordination & balance
  • Free flowing movements using light or moderate weights and bands, and the body’s own resistance
  • Incorporate Pilates, ballet & martial arts movements to strengthen, lengthen, tone, increase flexibility and build stamina
  • High intensity interval cardio and conditioning workouts
  • Promotion of the advantages of a plant based diet
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Justin Gelband

I was brought up in a sports oriented family. I was an avid soccer, swimmer and tennis player growing up. Most of my background in physical training comes from my national swim coach Jim Woods. Jim instilled the proper guidance, integrity and self worth in me, which carried over to the success I have with personal training today. Presently, I am Nationally certified by (NASM), I’m trained and certified to perform therapeutic Massage by (IPPT). I am trained to guide you and establish a nutritional program by (APEX) nutrition. Certified as an International pilates instructor.I am also certified in GIFT as an overall fitness movement specialist. I also incorporate boxing and yoga. I teach men and women of all ages how to swim and incorporate water therapy into my resistance training programs, I’m also certified by the (American Red Cross) in water safety instruction, AED, CPR and First Aid.I’m also a Rutgers College graduate with a five-year Bachelor of Science degree in exercise science and sports-management. All these are wonderful accomplishments but my greatest success has come from changing people’s lives. I was put on this Earth to achieve many feats. My most decorated one is to help people become someone they want to be not one they wish or dream of being. In order for me to help you, we must work as a team to gain the best out of each experience.we cross a path with confidence, integrity and self worth and we walk away knowing that each time we stepped forward we gave 110 percent. This will give us the incentive to reach the next step, your personal accomplishments.When our training is complete, you will be able to distinguish the proper form, posture and resistance needed to perform a full body workout on your own. as you can see, I take great pride in being the best in my field. I offer you not only my word but also my hand to hold as we step forward together as one. When everything is complete we will leave as one. Success will come with the effort put in by both of us.

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